We’re back! DSD Season 2, Episode 1 is here!

Adam took a break to find himself. Trevor bought a house and spent some time on the road. Jeris enjoyed the flashy high-falutin’ lifestyle of a teacher on summer break.

But these three Mavericks have returned to their respective computer devices, primed and ready to bring you some of the most mildly entertaining BYU sports commentary available in our immediate circle of friends. It’s a August miracle!

In this episode…

  • Jordon Johnson is gone for the year. Does that mean BYU is donezo? Listen to our opinions, then form your own.
  • Adam (Tradition), Jeris (Honor) and Trevor (Spirit) dissect Bronco’s poor uniform decision, but his surprisingly awesome recovery.
  • Which teams are guaranteed losses in 2013? How about guaranteed wins? How will we fare against our smelly neighbors to the north?
  • Various baby noises and screeches.

It’s so good to be back. Enjoy!

Episode 56: A bad week for BYU hoops

It’s just Jeris and Adam today. Trevor just couldn’t take the stress. And on a week when mighty BYU loses to the Universities of San Diego and San Francisco, who can blame him?

Jeris and Adam are here, though, and Episode 56 is just the thing for confused, freaked out and dismayed Cougar fans.

In Episode 56…

  • Instagram: How Jeris is just giving the people what they want.
  • BYU Hoops after a horrible week. After losses to USD and USF, Cougar fans are re-evaluating who we are, what we need to do and what it means to be a successful BYU team.
  • BYU expectations. What do you expect from BYU teams year in and year out?
  • Dave Rose: The fact that we’re upset right now is a testament to the good job he’s doing at BYU.
  • Matt Carlino: Adam’s still on his side.
  • Marriott Center Magic: Where did it go, and how can we get it back?
  • Jeris’ unique Super Bowl


Episode 55: The juxtaposition

The lockout is over! I’m pleased to announce the DSD commissioner swooped in with an eleventh-hour CBA to guarantee at least another week of Death Star D. We may have missed some of the biggest sports stories of the decade in our absence, but that won’t stop us from talking about them as if they just happened.

Plus, we throw in a little TMNT and wrasslin’ at the end. You’ll like it.

In Episode 55:

  • The 2013 schedule: A way-too-early look at how the Cougs will fare this year. Spoiler: Adam’s got the blue goggles back on again.
  • BYU Hoops: Why we shouldn’t be upset about the loss to the Zags, and what our postseason fate will be.
  • Manti Te’o: The weirdest story in sports. Is he a liar or just a dumb dude?
  • Obscure early ’90s movies: How exactly did Splinter learn those karate moves?


Episode 54: Pass the M&Ms

2013 isn’t even a fortnight old, but the news abounds. Fortunately (for you) Adam, Trevor and Jeris are here to drop the news commentary beats like it’s hot. Or… like they’re hot. You get it.

In Episode 54 we talk about these things:

  • The 2013 BCS Championship Game–who watched the whole thing? Why was it so bad? What will make it better?
  • The Bowl Season–The dumb end to a boring NCAA football season.
  • Dr. Bob Anae returns to BYU–Does this excite you? What impact will Bob make? Is this the Ferarri or the Toyota Corolla?
  • BYU Hoops–Two huge wins, a gigantic apology to Josh Sharp, and the key to a BYU postseason


Episode 53: Airing Dirty Laundry

Man… was that a great holiday break or what? I know the three of us, the hosts of DSD, got all kinds of good stuff done during our unofficially official vacation. But we got the band back together just in time to ring in the new year with terrible audio, on-the-fly sports opinions, amateur talking and mildly funny jokes.

If you like Adam, Jeris and Trevor, you’ll love Episode 53! We talk about stuff like…

  • The Poinsettia Bowl–A late breakdown, why it’s great to win Bowl games, our lasting impressions and the No. 1 problem with the 2012 BYU football team.
  • Coaching rumors–Did Bronco let the whole BYU offensive staff go? If so, is it the right thing to do?
  • Cody Hoffman and Kyle Van Noy–Why on earth did they decide to stay?
  • BYU Hoops–BYU gets a signature win, sort of, Tyler Haws goes off, and Raul Delgado steals our hearts.





Pick ‘em: SJSU and NMSU

Hey guys, I just realized I haven’t posted the scores for the last two weeks’ games. My bad. Must still be feeling ill from the horrible SJSU loss.

San Jose State New Mexico State
Name Total Score Name Total Score
Michael A. 36 Chris W. 35
Trevor W. 36 Bradley H. 32
Cade T. 20 Adam O. 32
Becky O. 11 Mike K. 31
Adam O. 10 Austin S. 31
Cody D. 9 Shane G. 31
Jeff J. 9 Kelly O. 27
Chris W. 7 Travis A. 27
Cal L. 7 Darwin M. 27
Evan C. 7 Cody D. 27
Shane G. 7 Chris W. 27
Justin L. 7 Trevor W. 27
Darwin M. 4 Clark A. 26
Krissy W. 4 Becky O. 26
Austin S. 4 Craig C. 26
Steve B. 4 Natalie B. 26
Scott G. 4 Eliot B. 26
Clark A. 3 Mars 24
Ryan B. 3 Cal L. 24
Travis A. 2 Evan C. 24
Shon W. 0 Derrick W. 24
Kelly O. 0 Michael A. 24
Mars 0 Shon W. 23
Mike K. 0 Krissy W. 23
Bradley H. 0 Scott G. 23
Craig C. 0 Ryan B. 22
Derrick W. 0 Jeff J. 22
Natalie B. 0 Steve B. 20
Eliot B. 0
Kevin S. 0

Episode 52: James Lark and Jabari Parker

This episode, which features an extended-cut candid introduction about mobile gaming, is everything you love about Death Star D: Unscripted, unfiltered opinions, borderline humor, critical analysis and Class-C swear words.

Episode 52 is all about…

  • BYU’s fun 50-14 win over New Mexico State
  • Bronco’s blunder, and James Lark’s shining moment
  • Why we continue to be frustrated with Bronco Mendenhall, and a sincere wish and hope that we can return to the Bronco Mendenhall of 2006-2009.
  • Jabari Parker’s visit to BYU, and a dream starting five in 2013.
  • A grim Poinsettia Bowl prediction

I think you’ll really like this one, you guys.


Episode 51: Women’s Soccer will save us all!

Monday morning, November 19, 8:00 a.m. Five men descend upon a work-sponsored Thanksgiving week breakfast. The first topic of conversation? Women’s soccer. That’s right. After a weekend that featured a BYU football game and TWO BYU basketball games, the men decided a college Women’s Soccer game was the most important item.

And they were right.

In episode 51 we talk about…

  • Carlee Payne-Payne Holmoe, Jessica Ringwood, Kayla Varner and the Elite Eight-bound BYU Women’s Soccer team
  • The dramatic PKs that ended up in a BYU victory over Marquette
  • A surprise Bryce Harper appearance on BYU campus
  • Football: The shockingly necessary loss to San Jose State.
  • Adam: BYU losing to SJSU was the best thing for BYU football.
  • Trevor: I would fire Bronco Mendenhall right now if I had the power (and a decent replacement)
  • Jeris: I need to go eat dinner in 30 minutes
  • BYU Hoops: Our worst fears are coming true. How did we get to this point?
  • Matt Carlino takes a major step back
  • Trevor’s parting words of wisdom as we face another Thanksgiving break

This one was a lot of fun. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Pick ‘em results: Idaho

Whoa! sorry it took me so long to get these scores up. I’ve just been overwhelmed by how much we dominated the Vandals. By the way, those of you who went to the game: Can any of you think of a more miserable fan experience? I can’t.

Congratulations to this week’s winners!

Scott G. 35
Bradley H. 34
Mike K. 33
Derrick W. 33
Ryan B. 31
Russ N. 31
Shon W. 30
Jeff J. 30
Evan C. 30
Katie N. 30
Mars 29
Eliot B. 29
Kevin S. 29
Seth S. 28
Chris W. 27
Cal L. 27
Austin S. 27
Natalie B. 27
Justin L. 27
Ross M. 27
Adam O. 27
Darwin M. 26
Cody D. 26
Shane G. 26
Travis A. 24
Krissy W. 24
Kelly O. 23
Clark A. 23
Trevor W. 23
Buck M. 23
Becky O. 20
Steve B. 20
Craig C. 20
Michael A. 20
Cade T. 20
Lesley W. 20

Episode 50!

Thanks for staying with us through 50! We couldn’t have done it without you, our 70-ish listeners. So as our gift to you, we’ve dedicated number 50 to you. We asked for your questions, you gave them to us, and now we’re going to answer them.

In today’s episode we cover the big ones:

  • What was your last meal?
  • When was the last time you got a speeding ticket?
  • What BYU athlete would you most want to road trip with?
  • Is this the most NFL-ready BYU team in years?
  • Will Jamaal Williams last all four years at BYU?
  • How can I potty-train my toddler?

And so much more!



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