S3E7: DSD sans Trevor

Trevor took his new Internet fame and jetted off to a tropical paradise. So that left Adam and Jeris to get silly and talk about one of the most devastating loss in BYU history… since the last one.

Jeris and Adam discuss (among other things):

  • BYU blowing a huge lead, and a chance to be a part of March Madness
  • The Madness of March, and why it’s so wonderful
  • The perfect way to make money betting on BYU
  • The guy who played the president on the hit film “Independence Day”



S3E6: Featuring the Internet sensation that’s sweeping the nation

Have you ever gone viral? Well if you have, you know exactly what Trevor is going through right now. Because he’s going viral. The whole world wants a piece of Trevor, but there’s only one podcast that Trevor will do.


That’s right, Death Star D is now the official podcast of Trevor “Sorry Dad” Winn.

In this week’s episode, Trevor tells us all what it’s like to be an Internet celebrity, and how a simple afternoon batting practice made him and his smooth-swingin’ little boy this week’s A-list mega-celebrities (as seen on Reddit!)

We also talk about BYU basketball and stuff. And Jeris sings a little.

“You’ll like this episode a lot,” said Adam to his wife as they were about to sit down to a dinner of chicken sausage.


S3E5: Where were you on Saturday night?

Only dummies would go to out to a fancy dinner instead of watching the BYU/Gonzaga game, right?

This episode is dedicated to all the dummies in the world who thought BYU would surely lose to the Gonzaga Bulldogs, and decided to spend their Saturday night eating fish-stuffed fish.

The Cougars, of course, did NOT lose, and we are all still rejoicing several days later. That’s what you’ll hear in our voices: The sounds of rejoicing.

Adam starts the ball rolling with some happy BYU basketball talk, in which praises for Skyler Halford and Dave Rose are given.

Trevor keeps the ball rolling with a stirring discourse on what it means to be a fan, in which he makes a reference to a friend who shall not be named (“SS”).

And Jeris cradles the ball to a gentle stop with his recounting of the best week of Utah sports: The high school basketball tournament.

Bon Apetit!


Season 3 Episode 4: Who’s Your Favorite President?

It’s never ideal when all the guys are in different places, but in the words of the great military mind/religious fanatic Joan of Arc: “Those are the breaks.”

In this episode, which was recorded February 17, Adam, Jeris and Trevor discuss presidential things like BYU basketball and the beauty of high school sports.

By the way, if you want to say hi to Adam and Jeris, come to the high school basketball tournament at the Dee Events Center in Ogden! Adam will be the one with the rainbow afro wig, and Jeris will be the one 500 feet from all children and adolescents.

Season 3, Episode 3!

Who likes to listen to things?! Listening to things is the best, don’t you agree? Especially in your ears. There’s nothing quite like the sound of sounds in your ears.

Hey, here’s a thing you can listen to: DSD Season 3, episode 3! It’s full of tones, inflections, and other things that have to do with sound.

Adam talks about Dave Rose and the BYU Marriott Center.

Trevor (briefly) talks about The Bachelor.

Jeris gives a passionate plea for beard and facial hair rights.


Season Three, Episode Two: In which Jeris talks about Josh Hartnett

We’re already 100% better than season two!

Jeris, Adam and the Big Dog (That’s Trevor) used technology to record a podcast episode about…

  1. BYU Signing Day, and the return of Bronco Mendenhall (featuring a cameo from CoCo Langi, BYU’s next Tongan Superstar)
  2. Celebrity Crushes, and the incredibly versatile Gwen Stefani
  3. Trevor forgot to pick a topic! Actually, he was going to talk about the Super Bowl, but he thought that would be too boring. So instead we talked about Florida and Disney World. But we did it in an entertaining way, so you should still listen.

Look at that sneer!

DSD Season Three is here! Season 3, Episode 1

Done listening to Serial? Looking for a new way to fill your brain with words now that Downton Abbey isn’t good anymore? Sounds like it’s the perfect time for Adam, Jeris and Trevor, the masterminds behind Death Star D!

Season Three is here, and the guys are fired up. The content is tight, the episode is focused, and the enthusiasm is unbridled.

Hold your loved ones close as Jeris explains his new-found respect for professional actors!

Marvel at Trevor’s shaken faith in Dave Rose and the BYU basketball team!

Gasp at Adam’s shocking revelation that he doesn’t want Tyler Haws to break the big record!

Season three, episode one. Let it wash over you like a cool ocean breeze.

We’re back! DSD Season 2, Episode 1 is here!

Adam took a break to find himself. Trevor bought a house and spent some time on the road. Jeris enjoyed the flashy high-falutin’ lifestyle of a teacher on summer break.

But these three Mavericks have returned to their respective computer devices, primed and ready to bring you some of the most mildly entertaining BYU sports commentary available in our immediate circle of friends. It’s a August miracle!

In this episode…

  • Jordon Johnson is gone for the year. Does that mean BYU is donezo? Listen to our opinions, then form your own.
  • Adam (Tradition), Jeris (Honor) and Trevor (Spirit) dissect Bronco’s poor uniform decision, but his surprisingly awesome recovery.
  • Which teams are guaranteed losses in 2013? How about guaranteed wins? How will we fare against our smelly neighbors to the north?
  • Various baby noises and screeches.

It’s so good to be back. Enjoy!

Episode 56: A bad week for BYU hoops

It’s just Jeris and Adam today. Trevor just couldn’t take the stress. And on a week when mighty BYU loses to the Universities of San Diego and San Francisco, who can blame him?

Jeris and Adam are here, though, and Episode 56 is just the thing for confused, freaked out and dismayed Cougar fans.

In Episode 56…

  • Instagram: How Jeris is just giving the people what they want.
  • BYU Hoops after a horrible week. After losses to USD and USF, Cougar fans are re-evaluating who we are, what we need to do and what it means to be a successful BYU team.
  • BYU expectations. What do you expect from BYU teams year in and year out?
  • Dave Rose: The fact that we’re upset right now is a testament to the good job he’s doing at BYU.
  • Matt Carlino: Adam’s still on his side.
  • Marriott Center Magic: Where did it go, and how can we get it back?
  • Jeris’ unique Super Bowl


Episode 55: The juxtaposition

The lockout is over! I’m pleased to announce the DSD commissioner swooped in with an eleventh-hour CBA to guarantee at least another week of Death Star D. We may have missed some of the biggest sports stories of the decade in our absence, but that won’t stop us from talking about them as if they just happened.

Plus, we throw in a little TMNT and wrasslin’ at the end. You’ll like it.

In Episode 55:

  • The 2013 schedule: A way-too-early look at how the Cougs will fare this year. Spoiler: Adam’s got the blue goggles back on again.
  • BYU Hoops: Why we shouldn’t be upset about the loss to the Zags, and what our postseason fate will be.
  • Manti Te’o: The weirdest story in sports. Is he a liar or just a dumb dude?
  • Obscure early ’90s movies: How exactly did Splinter learn those karate moves?